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At the beginning of the term, there was a letter from the school which informed us that C would be having her eyes tested. It was a routine test and we saw no reason why C shouldn't do it.

So, the conclusion of the test "Normal" although at the very end of the report, doc's recommendation was that she should exercise proper eye care.

I did a little reading up over the Internet to understand what the numbers mean...

The following information was taken from Eye-Test

What is considered normal vision?

Normal visual acuity is 6/6. Just a size which considered
The first number represents the test distance, 6 metres. The second number represents the certain size of Snellen letter on the eye chart.

What is 20/20 vision?

In the UK we work in Metric compared to Feet in the USA.
In Metric Acuity, 20/20 equals 6/6. The conversion is that 20 feet equals approximately 6 meters (actually 6.096).

What do all the numbers mean?

In order to make comparisons visual acuity achieved is expressed as a fraction - the standard chart distance is six meters, normal acuity is designated 6/6, and other acuities are expressed as ratios.

A rough comparison of Visual acuities on Eye test chart

6/3           Not many people achieve this - sniper perhaps
6/4.5         Excellent
6/6           Normal standard
6/7.5         Able to see telex text on TV
6/10          Driving standard equivalent

From this chart, it seems that C is alright. She is able to read the small text; subtitles that appear on the television screen.


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