busy tonight!

C didn't have homework to do this evening hence we were free to do our nightly activities. Last Sunday, I finally made a trip to get her some craft books and other workbooks to occupy her in the evenings.

I wanted to sign C up for some Math enrichment class initially but we were turned away. In the past, I would usually print Math worksheets from the Internet websites and then bind them into a book for her. So far, she had been working on addition and subtraction sums and now that C could read, I thought it would be good to introduce her to simple word problem.

Our first activity was very manageable and C could read her sums easily. They also tested her comprehension skills as she needed to work out whether the sums required her to add or subtract. But she did alright. :)

After the serious stuff, we did craft work. Simple cutting and pasting and then colouring. C loves to do these and she was begging to have a go at one more before we turned in for the night.


Anonymous said...

hi would like to check where did u get the craft book and also can I hv the title of the book as I hv a 4 yrs old girl who is also interested in doing cutting, pasting & coloring.

Mummy said...


i get these craft books from Popular bookshop. as for titles, those that she has completed, i have thrown them out.. sorry..

look under pre-school section. they have plenty of such activity books.

Anonymous said...

thanks, will go n check it out....

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