Daddy and I always look forward to C's art class on Saturday. Not just because our Princess is extremely enthusiastic about her art class, it is also because she comes back with her many wonderful drawings and paintings.

C drew a boat this time. Perhaps I should consult Teacher Moe about getting C to work on drawing something for Church. ... hmm... okay, I will email Teacher Moe. :)


byihui said...

hi N, check wif u. does cheryl's art teacher usually give them a sample piece of art to follow? or just tell them the day's topic - boat and get the kids to draw what they like? tks!

Mummy said...

Hey girl,
From her trial class, I learned tt there before e children start on e actual drawing paper, they have to do prep work. On a regular drawing paper, they will draw whatever they have to (not sure if it's e teacher who tell them what to or if there is a theme) and then base on e proportion, they have to transfer their plan onto e actual drawing paper which is considerably larger.

Of course for special occasions like mother's day or father's day, then they draw something for eir parents.

For now, c is still a novice so not much of abstract art pieces. But I have seen e works of older children and I m very impressed.

byihui said...

thanks! wil leave art classes out for the time being since we've got a pretty packed schedule as it is. tried to sign her up for art classes in school she dun want leh...

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