the English experience - Oxford

When we learned that we would be touring Oxford, we were thrilled because the place is unique in itself. There are a total of 39 colleges and they make up Oxford University.

We were walking to meet the Guide who would take us on the walking tour.
Christ Church College, where the famous Harry Potter movies were filmed. Actually, a lot of filming took place in the vicinity.

The Guide explained that the gardens here were used as the setting for Alice and Wonderland. Many of the stories were set here.
We had the privilege of visiting Brasenose College, one of the 39 colleges. University students live in the buildings behind C.

The dining hall in the Harry Potter movies is very much modeled after this one here. Students pay a fee at the beginning of each school term and the food is catered. Of course, the students can choose not to eat here but the Guide said that the food was good.

William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies. He is just one of the many famous students from this college. Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr Bean was a former student of the Queen's College, Oxford. Many of England's ministers also hail from these colleges at Oxford.

While we were at the quadrangle, we noticed this young chap. He was donned in robes and had a white flower on his breast pocket. This meant that he was sitting for his first examination. Undergraduates have 3 major examinations to go through. Students sitting for their second, had pink flowers and the for their third examination, would wear red. 

C posing for more pictures.

Daddy had the Radcliffe Library. It's a very interesting building as it is round.

See that young man with his pink flower? We saw some with red flowers and they had cake and cream all over them. Their friends had celebrated their graduation. Apparently less than 0.1% of the student population fail their examinations because the colleges subscribe to a 1 tutor to 1 student method of coaching and if the student does his work, there is absolutely no way of failing their examinations.

Another familiar scene from the movie...


Museum of the History of Science. Chancing upon some colleges while strolling along the streets is a common thing.

Lunch was a quick one at Burger King.

Then we continued our tour with the Covered Market. Fresh produce are sold there together with shoes and flowers, bread, pies...

C was all tired from the walking hence we stopped ourselves down for some coffee and C took her nap.

We went out again exploring the place and were pleasantly surprised with what we found. Wesley Memorial Methodist Church and then even more surprising, a building which John Wesley himself preached in. Very memorial indeed.

C found this building interesting as there was a tree in the front and it has kind of merged itself with the building behind and its leaves were covering the facade.

Dinner was at The Miltre and the food was fabulous!


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.