"My (big) birthday bash!"

Birthdays, it seems, do become more exciting as you get older. This is particularly true for Cheryl, we must say.

To celebrate her birthday party at a venue with an indoor playground was a brilliant idea!
That was because the children entertained themselves and the parents could chat and mingle. (I am terribly sorry because I didn't manage to capture everyone who came. Mental note to get someone else to be the camera person for her next party.)
The spread... apparently, our guests enjoyed the food! :)

Cheryl with her birthday cake, which Aunt Yo baked.

Aunt Mei brought this dress so that C could change into it before the cake cutting but we completely forgot about it. But she put it on still.

These were the lovely presents that she received:
C couldn't resist herself and played with her Japanese sushi set toy immediately.

Thank you so much for attending C's birthday bash and thank you for the presents and the angbaos. :)
C was really happy that day.


Chew Family said...

What a Big birthday bash! Look fun!
Happy Birthday Cheryl! Blessings! =)

Mummy said...

Thank you! :)

tigger said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cheryl!

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