Celebration with my friends in school

I put this together in a matter of hours because it was a very last minute decision. Last year, C had her first birthday celebration with her classmates in school but that day was marred by the fever bug. Yes, I could still remember that she was running a temperature that day and was denied access to class.

Her teachers however, allowed her to be there with her classmates during snack time for the cake cutting and then almost immediately, she had to return home to rest. So this year, when Daddy suggested having C celebrate her birthday with her classmates, I agreed.

This is the cake I got for her. The princess that she is, I was sure she would appreciate it. And true to my words, she wanted to examine her cake once I brought it back.

Her classmates! Upon closer examination of the pictures, I realised that when C was blowing out the candles, her classmates were covering their mouths with their hands. Would that be them exercising restrain, in case they couldn't help it but want to blow out the candles too? They are so adorable!

Our Precious! :)
She told me she had a great time with her friends.

 Her teachers even gave her a gift. "Thank you, teachers!"


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