Thank God for the Internet!

The World Wide Web is a huge library of resources and it's a great way to look for activities for Cheryl.

One of my favourite and Cheryl's favourite hide-out is the bookshop. She loves to browse the many books there and then lug them around asking me to buy them for her.

Some time last year, Aunt Asrina printed some activity books from the Internet and they are coming in handy now that C knows her alphabets. Every morning, when I am at home, I will spend some time with her to do either some colouring, writing or drawing.

If you search closely enough, you will find that we will never ever need to buy such activity books from bookshops. All we need are paper, a printer and a computer that has Internet access. There are endless websites on such printable activities. You can pick and choose the right ones for your little ones and even categorise them in themes. I can print a colouring book following a birthday theme for example. I can customise everything and isn't this wonderful?

Here is a sample of the activity book Aunt Rina printed the last time.

And Cheryl has even done some pages. :)

Here is a list of websites you can visit to print some of these activities:
1)  TLS Books
2) Enchanted Learning
3) DLTK's
4) First School Preschool Activities and Craft


mother hen said...

wow, Cheryl can write very well! Great motor skill. Kara is not confident of writing the letters on her own yet.

Mummy said...

Mother Hen:
thank you. :) she needs guidance but some letters like "H" she is very confident.
but i am kind of worried cuz she tends to write the letter "c" inverted. am afraid that she might be dyslexic.

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