Happy Birthday Aunt Margaret!

Aunt Margaret will not be around next weekend, hence we celebrated her birthday earlier.

It was a simple dinner and then we got back home to cake the little cake we got for her.

C loves birthdays and they are the best when she gets to blow out candles.


Aunt Margaret said...

thank you soooooooo much!!!! it's really a wonderful bday celebration~ muackssss!!

Mummy said...

if we had planned, maybe could have gone further.. :)

Aunt Margaret said...

hehe.. i wanted to celebrate chris's bday celebration with u guys too.. but... nvm, 14th June is father's day right? hehehe.. ops, will u guys be in sg then?

Mummy said...

we will still be here. leaving on the 17th. till then i guess.

Aunt Margaret said...

oh.. ok, lets plan for it then.. hehe =)

Daddy said...


Someone owe me lobsters you know...

Aunt Margaret said...

Aiseh, bro.. that day already belanja mah... now cant afford la~

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