now C is 4! (Part II)

Since our Precious' birthday falls on Friday this time round, I thought it would be a great idea to let C celebrate it with her friends in school.

We prepared these stickers for everyone as C wanted something different from the usual party bag of biscuits and toys.

She was so excited that she brought the stickers to school the day before and distributed them to her friends!

This is her birthday cake which Daddy Dearest picked up this morning.

C started burning up yesterday and we were extremely worried because this morning, her temperature suddenly shot really high and we were planning to cancel the celebrations in school. But it would be a pity as this was the first time C had her birthday done in school with her little friends.

Of course, she was turned away at the door when Daddy told her teachers that she had fever but her teachers very kindly agreed to let her come in during Snack time to take pictures and do the cake cutting.

C was happy and she said that her friends loved the little cupcakes! :)


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