why didn't they have this 3 years back?

What does this sign mean?

You can't imagine my delight when I saw it!

I guess nowadays as Daddies become more involved in parenting, a toilet like this is definitely a big welcome. A toilet that has a potty for the little one as well as for the adult. Daddies also do have to take their daughters to the loo at times and C's Daddy is always telling me that the Gents are always filthy and not quite a place to bring their little girls or boys in so this toilet here is prefect.

And this is what I like! A place to sit the little one as the Daddies or Mummies answer their call for nature. In the past, I used to take C out on my own often and I never drank water because I never knew how to go to the toilet. When I saw this, I thought the person who came up with this idea must have gone through the same predicament I did.

Well, parents now... Lucky you! :)


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