my birthday!

Daddy gave me a belated birthday celebration and brought us all to Ashtons at the newly opened Sembawang Shopping Centre. :)

C was very happy and she was delighted at the beauttiful sunset behind us.

We all had a good time there as the food was great and more importantly, we had the company of our family.

C had "planned" a surprise for me and she was going on about how I would be very pleased when I see it.

Yeah, she brought the cake for me!

My colleagues had also earlier in the week treated me to lunch at Zam Zam Restaurant which serves the best murtabak in town.

I am definitely a happy woman! :)

Thank you Dear Hubby, my Precious, our lovely family and of course, my friends at work!


mother hen said...

Happy Birthday!! May you always look and feel young! :)

Mummy said...

thank you dear!

saw your pics from the HK trip! Nice nice!!:)
am sure kara had a great time! :)

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