a special bag

I bought this really cool bag for Cheryl and the really nice gesture was, I could have her name embroidered on the bag. She was really happy to see the package and immediately said that she would carry it to school.

I am just glad that she loves it! :)


Zhen said...

So cool!
Where did you get it? And does it come in boy designs?

Mummy said...

yes, there are designs for boys. do leave me your email and i will send you the details. :)

serene said...

Hi Natalie

Is it possible for u to let me know where u got the bag. its really cool. my email add is spserene@hotmail.com.

Thanks alot in advance:)

Mummy said...


you've got mail! :)

Chew Family said...

Hi! I would like the contact too. My email is chewbrenda@gmail.com Thanks. Brenda.

Mummy said...

emailed you! :)

Mummy said...

if you are interested to get the bags, please email the woman asap.

she is going to increase price soon but as i have told her of your interest in her bags, she will still be charging you at this price before she hikes it. :)

Chew Family said...

Thanks Nat. I have placed the order after I received your mail!

Anonymous said...


Can I know where to get the bag too? My email is peb2le@yahoo.com.sg. Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Mummy said...

hey chie
you have mail! :)

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