Cheryl is almost 4... (Part 1)

Cheryl will be turning 4 in a week and we decided to have her a party earlier.

This time round, we had a lot of little friends who attended and C had a whale of a time with her friends. She was all smiles and played with all of them.

The weather wasn't that fine as it poured heavily around 3 pm and we were kind of worried that our guests would not turn but thankfully, the rained stopped. Our activities were momentarily halted but the kids still had some fun.

Justify Full

It was madness!

The food arrived shortly. Many of the guests loved the mee siam. I must say, it was a good change from the usual and the food had a good mix to suit both adults and children.

C with her some of her friends. I am sorry I wasn't able to capture all of you on camera.

The Racing Team! *That's us right at the back!*

C being the great host by distributing the party bags.

When the cake was delivered, it had to be brought in via the bigger entrance. I thought Daddy Daddy was pulling my leg but he threw me this look of disbelief and said it had to be wheeled in on a trolley.

So there:

C's 4th birthday cake!

We were in there somewhere... hahaha!

C wanted to open her presents immediately after she got back so we allowed her to indulge. :)

Aunt Angie and Uncle Junming got C her first bicycle!

C's loot! She is still receiving presents so more pictures will come! :) And of course, Cheryl wants to thank all the aunties and uncles for taking time off to attend her party. She really appreciates the many gifts she received.

This concludes Part I of her birthday celebrations. She will be having another in school with her teachers and classmates. :)


Fatboy Joe said...

Despite coming after the rain, we had a blast too!!! In fact I noticed that the older kids were showering Cheryl with affection and care. Cheryl is so lucky to have such loving and adorable friends.

Mummy said...


thanks for coming! :)

Yeah, she is, isn't she? :)

mother hen said...

Happy Birthday, Cheryl! We received an invitation from your hubby, but my hubby only opened the email the night before the party. Anyway, we won't be able to make it as he has to work.

Looks like Cheryl had loads of fun! And lotsa of pressies!!

Vivie said...

Happy birthday Cheryl!! it was v adorable!!

I can't see Aunt Linda anywhere..LOL!

lots of hugs!

Mummy said...

mother hen:
hehe.. no problem.

yeah, she was quite blown away with the gifts.

thank you!

It was pouring earlier so Aunt Linda had to wait for the rain to stop. not quite safe to travel on wet roads esp. :)

ada said...

Yeah, it is bad to ride in the heavy downpour.

Enjoyed the cake and the food!!

Mummy said...

glad you did!

did you eat the mee siam?

my bro, ben, he ate so so so much cuz he loved it!!! hehehe

ada said...

I totally missed the mee siam. keekeekee

Mummy said...


maybe next time. hehe.. but i have another caterer in mind already lor.

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