adventure camp

What do we learn in schools?

Are we just taught the academics? Or do we expect to be taught a lot more? Hmm...

Education is not just about getting the As for subjects like English, Math and Science but I guess, education isn't complete if we leave out the other developments like physically and character. This year, the usual Secondary 3 Adventure Camp was organised for a younger lot of students: secondary 2s.

The view from the teachers' dormitory: breathtaking and definitely awesome!

The teachers and trainers getting ready for the day.

The students trying out and challenging themselves. Actually the teachers were all proud of these kids because they were courageous enough to go up the high elements. Many of them are afraid of heights and they literally turned jelly but the thing was, they did not give up. Some cried but they still completed the task. And I would say, they must have stood a little taller that day. :)

The teachers, the mentors and often guardian angels of many of these kids.

The kids also got wet when they kayaked out to sea.

Meal times! Students had to learn patience, cooperation and work with each other or nobody gets to eat.

This was our lunch on Day 2. We were pleasantly surprised that the food was tasty. :)

Ever so frequently, planes would fly pass... . Sometimes, so low, we would be be under their bellies.

Cheryl and Daddy joined me and the rest for the Campfire. C loved the songs and we tried to follow what the rest of the school was doing.

I even got C to do the "extreme sexy clap" with the rest of the teachers who were "sabotaged" by the student leaders.

So our parting shot:

err... I am not sure why the video turned out inverted.


Hazel said...

u enjoyed urself!! great man!
i can't wait to go home last year. hahahahahahahahaah

Mummy said...

it's the company, i tell you. i had elaine and naz amongst others. of course, cindy: the ever funny and fun person! then there was sophia and the wacko pp like alvin, and hisham.. hehehe..

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