Updates from Ms Edna

I received a phone call from Ms Edna and she gave me an update of Cheryl's progress in school and what she would be learning the following months.

For English, C has been doing well in the blending of words but of course Ms Edna commented that C needs more practise. She will also introduce articles and linking words and Cheryl is expected to commit them to memory before she moves off to do reading in sentences. So I guess I will look into this when we do reading with C in the evenings.

For Mathematics, C will continue to learn about the concepts of Bigger and Smaller, More and Less than, Larger and Smaller numbers and so on. I am also doing simple additions with her at home and hopefully she will be able to move on to adding larger numbers soon.

Ms Edna complimented C for her writing skills and said she seemed confident to write words and numbers when asked to do so. Hmm, somehow C doesn't exhibit the same enthusiasim when we do work at home. She will always ask for her hand to be held before she does her writing with me.

Oh, I also have to get C a larger school bag because I think C is expected to return with homework. I was told to get her a clear, plastic A4 zipper carrier so that worksheets can be put in there. Ms Edna said, her current bag is way too small. *Ops! I didn't realise. *

So today, C went to school with the things that Ms Edna requested: a larger bag and a zipper carrier. :)


Diana G.B. said...

you got her a new bag? or ask uncle Ben to buy a bigger bag for her tomorrow?

Mummy said...

dear aunt di
its alright. c has a larger strawberry shortcake bag which is brand new. so i am letting her use that bag from now on.

thanks girl! :)

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