SSO Baby Prom 2008 and Elmo!

I first learned of this SSO Baby Prom in 2005 when C was born but we never got around to bringing her there. This year, I thought it would be an appropriate time to take her as she is beginning to appreciate classical music.

She learns about the different orchestra instruments during class and what better way to bring that learning to life with a real performance with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra? The Orchestra was magnificent and dazzled us with the many wonderful and melodious pieces.

When C learned that she was going to the Prom, she was delighted and the icing on the cake was when she found out that Keziah would be going along too!

Uncle Linus mentioned that Sesame Street would be performing near by so we hurriedly had our lunch and then sat ourselves down for the performance of song and dance.

There is something about children... . See how they spontaneously responded to the instructions given.


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