Dr Quek is brilliant!

Our first dental appointment went very well. In fact, it went better than well, especially since this was Cheryl's first encounter with the dentist.

When we first stepped into the clinic, C showed no anxiety or fear and she was running around and hiding under chairs and all. Actually, I think I was worried that she would fuss and not want to open her mouth or worse, cry out loud.

But thankfully none of that happened.

Our Precious clowning around...
and even gave me a "super-model" pose!

Then it was her turn.

Dr Quek learned that it was C's first time on the dentist chair so he got her accustomed to some of the tools and equipment he would use. He let her touch the tools while he explained what they were meant for and he was really gentle and sweet.

And then he proceeded with the checking and polishing. All that time he was working on C, he continued to explain what he was doing. Oh, the hippy sunglasses! They were meant to shield her eyes from the glare of the light.

I was definitely very proud of Cheryl! :) and we will go back again 6 months later.


Brenda said...

Hi. May I know where is his clinic?

Mummy said...

hello brenda

it is smileworks at paragon. #11-11

call to make appointment before going down. :)

if you are holding onto a dbs credit card, there is a 10% discount.

Diana G.B. said...

oh...u went to paragon yesterday..

Brenda said...

Thanks. Will be calling them soon! =)

Mummy said...

yap, we were there yesterday.

have fun!

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