China is in the news these days for all the wrong reasons. Actually, they have always been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

I remembered some years back, I was completely flabbergasted when news of Chinese making eggs; yes, "making" because the eggs were fake and people fell ill after consuming them, broke out. Then not so long ago: 1 year back, many dogs and cats died because of melamine poisoning. There was a similar incident which happened where babies died after drinking tainted milk formula!

And it looks like some things do not change as of some people.

The latest scandal of Superpower China has millions around the world on the feet and worried sick if they would be the next victims to develop kidney stones, failure and die.

This is the latest news on The Straits Times dated 25th September and it looks like more items have been identified to be unsuitable for consumption. Initially, most of the items highlighted were dairy products and since C's milk formulas come from the Netherlands, there is no cause for concern, right?

Err, NO!! Because China is such a Santa Claus these days, all toys, clothes, furniture, and food seem to be their products or by-products!

Why can't these people be more responsible? Oh, for crying out loud! Children have died drinking these milk and it is not like these kids could feed themselves with other stuff! Milk is their staple for now and for many more months until they are able to eat solids!

When I heard the news over the radio this morning while in the car with Daddy, I thought a name sounded vaguely familiar. The first thing I did when I came to work was to peer into my stash of biscuits and look what I found:

Damn! One of the items on that dreaded list! And the best part, I am already into my second packet of these tainted biscuits. Not funny!

This is the entire list of products that are found to be unsafe by AVA. Of course we shouldn't be alarm because apparently, the amount of melamine found is too little to cause real harm to us but you know what? Poison is still poison no matter in what amounts!

UPDATES: as of 1 Oct 08
More products have been identified!

Latest here.


Fatboy Joe said...

Kinda makes one feel as if those health fanatics are gloating "Didn't I tell you to go organic?"

Suddenly I feel a surging need to eat home cooked food (and exercise).

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