Breakfast @ MacDonald's

It was a fine day and we went to the beach.

Daddy and Daughter, sharing a private moment.

This is definitely one of my favourite shots!

Then C got hold of the camera and exclaimed, "Daddy and Mummy, I want to take a picture of you."

Then after she captured the shot, she put the camera down, frowned a little and said, "Mummy, please remove your glasses."

Okay, Missy!

There after, we adjourned for breakfast at C's favourite joint.

C and Daddy, enjoying their food and then... our day was cut-short abruptly when Daddy received a call. He had to return to camp. Argh!

C quickly finished her breakfast and headed out to the playground where she had some fun and before Daddy came out and hustled us back home.

Daddy was packing and getting ready to go off to camp and C couldn't help herself. Of course, Daddy let her try on his helmet and all and we had a good laugh.

Daddy had to make several calls to people to inform them that they had to go back to camp as well. Unfortunately, these people on the list that he was given, some of their contact numbers were out-dated and no longer in use, some gave their telephone numbers to their office at work. Go figure! I asked Daddy if such exercises had ever been held during the weekdays and he said no so for this particular person, Daddy would have to make a house-call later to personally inform that chap that he had to return to camp.

Yet, there were others who picked up the call but were exceptionally rude and told Daddy, "I am an officer, you know?!" Huh? You mean, such recall manning exercises are meant for small, unimportant and insignificant people ah?


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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.