No one deserves this!

Why are people in the service industry always at the receiving end of abuses?

Nurses, and doctors are so often verbally abused that there are now signs in the wards that read "our patients are important to us, so are our nurses".

Bus drivers have also had a taste of the bitter and angry fists of many passengers and for what? For telling the passengers that they didn't pay the right fare.

I got my desserts today. For taking away a student's work.

Background information on this student.
He is always sleepy in class. I have spoken to his mother about this but she said he was doing his D&T work / project and yet his teacher for D&T complained that he always never has anything ready to be handed in.

He rarely completes any of the work I give the class.

I gave this piece of composition to write on Wednesday. I gave enough time to do the plan, in fact I started the plan with the class and gave them some points they could elaborate on. All they needed to do for homework was to complete the plan and write a first draft so that when they come in for class today, the kids could exchange scripts with each other and do part 2 of the work; peer editing.

But not every one did their draft so I patiently told the class that they would spend 30 min doing their draft.

And after 30 min, I was walking my rounds and I saw this student working... on his D&T work! in my English class. Instead of screaming my head off at him, I quietly took the papers he was working on. And his response to my actions:

"CH** B**"

Yes, that was what he said. He was mad because I confiscated his work!

Oh, I so want to confiscate his work, right?

Oh, I should be thankful that he doesn't do his work or hand in because then I will have 1 less script; doesn't matter that his standard is not even close to less than perfect, to mark and all because I care!

I was fuming that I could feel my ears burning.

This is not my first encounter with rude students but this definitely tops it all.


Diana G.B. said...

Send him to your P ! Called his parents and informed them ! So rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Been reading your blog "secretly" for quite some time. Decide to post a comment after what reading abt your pupil! I'm a pri sch teacher and sad to say I have gotten those attitude too! They are only 10yrs... Yes, I'm angry... but sad for them cos I really worried how they survive in the real world when they grow up with this kind of attitude!

Mummy said...

hello anonymous:
thanks for being a regular. :)

that's the thing.. why must we get "used to it"? it is indeed sad to know that even young kids are using such language on us.

noble jobs we have... people tell us. if being noble means we have to endure such abuses, then i rather we not want these jobs.

it will really be sad if we lose the anger and get used to things this way cuz we also loses our humanity. :(

btw, leave me your name. :)

Chew Family said...

Abuse... yes... abuse is the word... think we teachers are being abused cos of the system, saying that students are the "customers" now... Sigh... I'm Brenda

Mummy said...

hi brenda
even if students are our customers, they also have no right to use such language on us.

we are still their elders. no one should speak to anyone in this manner because we give one another respect.

it is getting worse, i feel. kids nowadays have no sense of respect.

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