C's (huge) diaper bag!

I never blogged about this but I guess, it is time Cheryl knows what goes into that huge and often heavy bag of hers that Daddy and I lug around whenever we go out.

In the past, we had diapers in there but she has since been toilet trained so the diapers are gone forever! Woohoo!

1: Hygiene pouch:
Tissue papers
Wet wipes

2: Milk bottle and a day's supply of formula.

3: Food pouch:
Hand sanitizer: to clean her hands before she eats.
Fork, spoon and chopsticks set
Scissors: to cut up the food into bite sized pieces.

4: Entertainment pouch: to keep her occupied before her food arrives
Colouring book
Colour pencils
Doodle board

5: Vanity / First-Aid pouch:
Mosquito patches
Nail clipper : C has a tendency to peel her nails.
Toilet seat sanitizer: a life saver when we use public toilets

6: Pajamas and wet handkerchief
If we were staying out late, I would give her a bath before she got back because then she would be all cleaned and she could drink her milk and sleep in the car on the way back. This is good as it would save us a "world war" as we do not have to fight to clean her down in her sleepy state.

As for the wet handkerchief, C's mouth needs to be cleaned immediately after she eats else rashes will start appearing.

C's and my sun glasses!

And all these go into the black Adidas bag!


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