all the fishes swimming in the water...

Cheryl loves to sing this song and this evening, she showed me a picture she did in Josiah.

Then she proceeded to sing, "All the fishes swimming in the water, swimming in the water... ". It was quite a sight to see her do the actions that came with the song. I told her she did a great job and her fishes look beautiful!

And she never fails to make us laugh.

All three of us were lying in bed and she was tired and wanted to sleep. She got up and then asked, "Where is my rectangle bolster?" For a moment, I was wondering what rectangle bolster and then I realised what she meant.

Cheryl's rectangle bolster aka my pillow.

Her bolster(s) deserve another entry on their own and I will get around to writing it.


Diana G.B. said...

I know how to sing that song!!

Mummy said...


you two can sing together the next time.

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