Diaper-less tonight.

I decided that tonight would be the night that C went to bed without her diapers.

After all, there have been signs that she is ready to be diaper-less:
1) her diaper is usually dry the next morning
2) she tells me or Daddy whenever she needs to pee
3) she pees before going to bed

And since tomorrow is Saturday and we don't need to wake up early for work, Daddy agreed to do the trial.

update: 260708
Cheryl woke up close to 7am and asked me to make milk. I got up, half expecting the sentence "Mummy, I'm wet too" so with bated breath, I walked over to her bed and felt the sheets first.
My eyes widened when the sheets were dry and then I touched her clothes, dry too!

I smiled at our Precious and told her softly to get up to pee.

Then we got her the milk and went back to the room. She is still in La La Land. :)

We will try it again tonight.

update: 270708
No accidents last night too! =)

Yeah!!! Think we can officially declare that C is diaper-less!

I have at least 20 pieces of diapers left, is anyone keen?


TheAsianParent.Com said...

Congrats on the big milestone! Potty training can be such a harrowing experience. Glad your is smooth sailing! *touch wood*

Anyway, I am the editor of a new Singapore online parenting magazine, theAsianparent.com. We're trying to promote parenting using Asian culture and techniques (feng shui, acupuncture, yoga etc).

I do hope you will visit us and inform your friends about us.



Mummy said...

Hello Roshni
Thank you for dropping by.

I will definitely recommend your site to my friends! :)

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