Oh When the Saints Go Marching In...

Cheryl and Joshua learned a new song today and they even marched to the tune of Oh When The Saints Go Marching In, complete with footwork and flags!

And they also revised rhythm by striking wood blocks and playing according to the beat of the march.

C learned what a step and skip means and playing with these little frogs made it a lot more fun!

When I saw these little frogs, I was impressed with the effort that goes into making of the materials that Teacher Siew Li used in class. They also listened to sounds of the woodwind instruments and learned the different names of tempos like allegro, andante, and largo. Teacher Siew Li uses a lot of flash cards in class and I am surprised that C can remember some of the things that were taught just through these flash cards.

Honestly, I find that these music sessions at Seimpi are very well designed. There is a good mixture of play, song, dance, as well as keyboard playing. Cheryl, not only needs her eyes in class, her ears are just as important when she needs to differentiate between sounds and pitch. To top it up, I really enjoy the lessons myself. :) No wonder C looks forward to music class every week.


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