a Peachy birthday!

We decided to give Grand Daddy a different sort of birthday celebration this year. Previously, we dined at a fancy restaurant and this time round, we thought it would be cozy if we did it at home.

Yeah! Grand Daddy liked it heaps because he didn't have to jostle with crowds or wait to be served.

We did a little "Seoul Garden" at home and everyone, including our Precious, ate so much.

This was the longevity cake we ordered for Grand Daddy!

He was delighted and very amused with the design but most of all, he was all praise for the taste of the cake. I guess, he was overjoyed. :) and well, that was the intention in the first place.


WaveSurfer said...

Lovely cake there! Just curious, was it from Pine Garden?

Fatboy Joe said...

That was lovely. Could be the best birthday gift ever!

Mummy said...

nope!. its from crystal jade.

ya.. he was very happy last sat and we are just happy that he is. :)

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