Breast vs Bottle Saga Part II

I have not given up on Cheryl when it comes to bottle feeding, especially the night feeds. So I decided to try again. I got up before Cheryl woke up for her feed and made a bottle of milk. I thought if I could give the bottle to her before she fully opened her eyes, she would take it. Oh, how wrong was I?

When I carried her, she quieted down in anticipation of my breast but when she felt the teat on her lips, she screamed like she was in so much pain! In the dead of the night, you can imagine the shreak in her cries. I almost felt guilty of trying to "cheat" her.

I gave in and offered breast to her much to her relief. She suckled for 10 minutes and fell asleep but I knew she couldn't possibly be full so I offered her the bottle. By this time, she had fallen into a deep slumber and didn't protest at all. I tried for 10 minutes without any success. So I said to myself to try again another time and before I put her back in her cot, I tried to feed her on the other breast and guess what? She suckled furiously!!

By this time, I didn't know if I should laugh at her ingenuity or "scold" myself for failing to see this coming.


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