Seoul Magic! Part 1

We always grapple with the question of where to go each time the end-of-year school holiday comes around. Usually, we would come up with a list and slowly the places that we have put down would be eliminated. However, this time we just thought that it would be wonderful to venture to South Korea. We have always gone on vacations "free-and-easy" style and touring Seoul did come up way back in 2010 but I was worried about the language barrier and the moving around then. Things have changed quite a bit since and information is readily available on the Internet and from friends who have gone. :)

Where do I start? The booking of the plane tickets and hotel was settled months before and I only needed to work out where and what we were to do for our 8 days in Seoul. It was our first time there and Grandmummy would be with us so I thought we should keep things simple and venture to areas mainly with the city area.

With Grandmummy at the airport an hour before boarding.

7 hours later, we arrived. :)

 We  bought our tickets for the coach ride that would take us right to the door steps of our lodging. The journey itself would take approximately 70 minutes and each ticket was priced at ₩ 10,000.

We put up at Hotel Prince and the room, which was originally mean for 3, was spacious enough to have another single-sized bed set up. Not too bad, really.

So let the holidays begin!

Activity 1: Street food!
Myeongdong - read: street food and cosmetics. After we had checked in, we made our way down the famous street food alley. These carts would line themselves up in the middle of the road between cosmetics and clothes shops and there till about 10 pm, you would be able to get anything from freshly squeezed juices to exotic seafood like oysters, from crispy egg on bread to steaming hot noodles. You name it!

The entire place was bursting with activities and it was not unusual to see people standing near by, or walking and munching on their snacks. The best part of this food alley - these hawkers are there every night and as it was a stone's throw away from our hotel, it was pretty easy, well convenient to get snacks.

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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.