Flipping, tossing and tasting

My colleagues had put together a Learning Journey for our CCA groups and I decided to take C along since she had a day off from school. The earlier part of the morning was spent at the Peranakan Museum and we were given a guided tour around the place.

The highlight of the Learning Journey was definitely the trip to Kampong Glam at Bukit Merah where the girls got to flip roti prata.

 It was lunch to settle the hungry stomachs before the session started.

The girls were given a brief history of the origins of roti prata before they started.

There was a master chef who went around ensuring that the girls had flipped correctly.

The teachers got their hands dirty too. :)

To end it all, a prata buffet! These were not the prata the girls flipped just now. They tried prata of different flavours; some were pretty exotic like durian prata, chocolate prata and prata bomb.
Needless to say, C had a wonderful and enriching time. My students took care of her and she chatted with them like they were old friends. :)

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