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away for 3 days

Written By Mummy N on 3 August 2015 | 11:01:00 am

C was away for 3-days-and-2-nights. This was the annual Primary 4 camp and C was to be at the Changi MOE Campsite. 

 C was all excited about the camp and even the pack list was given to us, she was telling me how she would want her clothes and things packed. She even reminded me to come back with the sleeping bag so that she could take it to camp. Her things were neatly packed; clothes in labeled (daily) bags, toiletries and towels had to be kept together in 1 bag. Instead of a plate, she said it was better if I could let her have a lunch box where she could put her cutlery.  

We managed to keep all the things she needed for the camp in this haversack.

Mr. Chong, C's form teacher, sent us these pictures of what the girls were doing. *Really appreciate the pictures. 


Outdoor cooking: I asked her what she had learnt from the experience and she said, "sharing". Sharing of responsibilities, tasks and of course, food. 

Wet activity where they went out on kayaks. 

She came back exhausted and took a long nap. Physically tired out, she was happy and recounted to us during dinner time the happenings of the camp. She had a great bonding session with her peers and she enjoyed the activities that were planned for them.

C with her classmates, facilitators and teachers; their parting shot.

As for Daddy and myself, being in camp means that she doesn't get to sleep on her bed, she would probably have to finish ALL the food on her plate and also probably not have the luxury of slowly eating the food, she took them in her stride. She said she couldn't take her shower properly as there was simply "no time". While we were ready to tell her the "whys" should she have any complaints, she only had good things to say about what happened in camp. 

That evening, she climbed into bed at 8 pm. Before we retired for the night, we checked on her and saw that she was comfortably tucked under her blanket. :) 

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