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Summer Down Under Part 6

Written By Mummy N on 31 December 2014 | 8:28:00 am

Activity 7: Food!
This is a must every time I travel. :) 

 We had no regrets flying with Emirates. C loved the food and she was able to finish most of it. We had asked for a child's meal but the portion was really quite big.

When we were in town, we had Japanese and Chinese.

The Wans treated us to a lot of Asian cuisine...

And on our own, we had quite a fair bit of western food.

Some of which we had them in the restaurants, some on the road.

Activity 8: Meet-ups
I always save the best for last. :)

It was a dream fulfilled with we met with the Lams. 2 years back when we decided to visit Australia, Jimmy; Daddy's friend was excited and offered to put us up at his place. We didn't make it to Melbourne then hence the chance to catch up was shelved. This time round we were able to. :)

The last time we saw each other's families were when his little one, Denzel was 1 years old and he is now 10. In that 3 hours (much too short a time) that we were there, we were treated to delicious home cooked food and tons of chit-chat which left a warm fuzzy feeling in us.

Our trip this year also saw us playing catch-up with the Wans. It didn't seem that long ago that they left but when we saw how the children have grown, it dawned on us that we have missed each other very much.

The 10 days that we were there flew by and before we realised, it was time to return home. We could lament and go on about how we didn't want to come back but then again, I should be thankful that this trip happened. We will be back. :)

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