choices, choices ...

Give a woman choices and she goes wild! 


Okay, I am looking at getting myself a blazer for work. I mean, I don't see myself wearing one when I am out on the weekends so the blazer has to look somewhat formal.

 So maybe something black? Can't go wrong with black, right? The one on the left doesn't look that formal and it's simply. Yet the baby blue one on the right looks really good with the studs and the over-flap pockets.

And this long one reminds me of a piece I had some years back that I bought for my travels... wait, stay focused! It's something for work... work ... 

Hey, this looks just as good... 

Okay, this is not helping. Hahahaha... perhaps you will do a better job at selecting? Check out the rest of the blazers for women and let me know. 

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