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Bless the kind soul!

Written By Mummy N on 13 December 2013 | 8:15:00 am

C usually takes a week to finish a book but when the book is not as thick, she can finish it in a day and she has been doing so for 2 weeks now. Some times, she re-reads those that she owns and often she gets her new ones from Sans. I have kind of given up on buying new books (unless they are really good) because of the rate she is going and since we live near a library, it makes perfect sense to borrow books from there too.

She almost cleared out the shelf of this series. Yes, she sits there and reads one book after another and she could effortlessly read 4 of them a day.

It was only in the evening when we made this discovery: there was 1 missing from the lot! C got all flustered as she knew the books didn't belong to her but the library. I had to calm her down and told her to recall the events that had happened. "Toilet! I must have left it there in the cubicle." We called up the Customer Service at the mall to ask if anyone had found and handed them the book but the person who answered our call said no. 

By this time, C was visibly upset and in tears. She was angry with herself for being so careless and insisted on us visiting the mall the next day, in the hope that the book would still be sitting in the cubicle she had left it in. I assured her that we would do that and told her that I would also check our library account to find out if anyone had found the book and returned it to the library. 

Then this greeted me when I logged in this morning. "Thank you so much!" 

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My Amazing Days said...

Wow! That person was really kind! I didn't know you could check your library account like that. Cool :D

Mummy N said...

Yes, the cleaner was really a nice person. C lost the book in the toilet at the basement level and the cleaner made an effort to go up to the 4th to return it to the library. We were really thankful! :)