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to the dentist again

Written By Mummy N on 5 November 2013 | 2:00:00 pm

This tooth was already cutting through the previous time we saw the dentist but as we already were removing one tooth that visit, she refused to extract another. So we had to make another appointment to see her.

I went to C's school that afternoon and as we had a little time before the appointment, C grabbed a quick lunch. I had warned her that she might not be able to eat after the extraction. The dentist completed the deed in no time; I think all was over in 5 minutes and she complimented that C was brave. She pulled out a sticker from her drawer and handed it over the C. C has always had wonderful experiences with the dentists she saw when she was younger and that must have helped. She doesn't react with fear when I tell her she needs to pay the dentist a visit and she doesn't resist. 

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