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C sees and does...

Written By Mummy N on 4 June 2013 | 11:00:00 am

I was out lunching with C and I realised that Precious has grown quite a bit. It isn't that she is physically taller but rather she is now more able to handle herself. She isn't afraid of going up to the aunt standing behind the counter to order her food, or wait in line until the person is done ordering his food before she asked for whatever she needed be it a fork or a bag for her takeaways. Then she did something after we were done eating; she cleared her bowls and carried the tray back to the clearing station. No, I hadn't instructed her to do that.

I didn't say anything to her but just smiled.

Then I remembered a video clip I had seen on YouTube many years back.

We all know that we should watch ourselves especially around our children because they pick up everything we say and do. They follow our actions and mannerisms to a tee.

Daddy and I, we will always try to clean up after ourselves after we eat at coffee shops, hawker centres and fast food restaurants. We will clear out the rubbish and return the trays and I guess we have done it often enough for C to know that this is the right thing to do. Well, at least 700 people in Singapore disagree to the act of returning trays in food courts and restaurants. It is the right thing to do because it shouldn't matter whether clearing of trays is someone's job. (Imagine telling your mother, "clean my butt, mum, because you are my mother and it's your job.")

It may be someone's job but we can sure do something to help. When we clear out our trays and rubbish, it doesn't mean that the person has nothing to do; it simply means the person is now able to clean the empty table quickly so that another person who needs it can use it.

The person who was waiting for a seat smiled and thanked us. That smile was enough as we knew we made someone happy; the one's job is to clear tables and the person who needs the seat. Now, that can't be wrong, can it? :)

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