"Be Humble, Be Thoughtful"

"Be Humble, Be Thoughtful"

This phrase greeted me when I stepped into C's classroom for the first time. I was at her school for the first Parents' Session where the new principal introduced herself and briefed us on what to expect in the new school year. 

That is her class motto and I thought it was very apt. 

Her classroom is now in the new wing of the school building. Extremely spacious and C's seat is right in the front. The classroom comes fully equipped with a computer at the teacher's desk. There is also wireless connection to facilitate lessons. Very cool, indeed!

Guess it is really like Homeroom system and with enough space for marked books, teachers' work station in the staff room will be more spacious.

Individual lockers for the girls. Now, C doesn't need to share her locker with her friends.

This is a very clever way of decorating and personalising the notice board. Mrs Lim had the girls do up their names and she lined the border of the board. 

The classroom even has a washing area after art. I like this idea a lot.

But this corner is the best; a class library. A carpet, with a few cushions will definitely complete the look. haha. But seriously, I think this is good enough. As long as the children has easy access to books, they will read. :)

C's first few pieces of work. :)

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