walking with mushrooms... 3

For slightly more than 2 weeks, C and I religiously water the log.

Because the only place dark enough for the log was in the store room, the log stayed in there during the day. But in the evening, I moved it out to the toilet for the damp and moist air and I have been moving it in and out of the store room these 2 weeks. Every now and then, I also give it a good shower under the tap. But for these 15 days, there were still no sign of "life".

Val and Jus, my pals at work, were teasing me and wondering how I managed to kill fungus. Daddy was also saying that we had failed in our attempt. C was getting discouraged as well.

Then, on the morning of 20 October, I went to the toilet to take a look at the log and much to my delight, I saw pin heads!

They were tiny, so tiny... but no doubt, pin heads. I quickly showered the log under the tap and then woke C up.

This morning, most of the exposed log had pin heads on it and they were growing really fast. C was really excited because she hadn't expected the growth to take place so quickly. 

2 weeks earlier, we were worried that we had killed the log because there wasn't any activity. Yet now, we see this. I was telling C that we can't hurry Mother Nature; when she is ready, she will do her job and all we need on our part, is to be patient. :)

Really looking forward to seeing the log this evening... Will post pictures!

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