walking with mushrooms ... 2

"Today is 8 October!"

Cheryl reminded me. "We need to check up on our mushroom, you know." In the evening, after her dance, dinner and bath, we brought the log out from the store room.

Not much activity yet though we saw mycelia. I think the storeroom, although a dark place, isn't quite damp enough to allow the pin heads to grow. So I will be transferring the log to another location this evening. Hopefully, we will see tiny pin heads the next time we check. 

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Lionel n Rachel said...

hey, why not try out the given instructions from my supplier instead...may work. :)

put ur mushroom in a bathroom where the temp is moist & light shower it for 2 days or until u see pinheads appearing. thereafter, mist spray it 3 -4 times daily.

timy pinheads appear from my mushroom 2 days after i unwrapped the plastic.

good luck.

Mummy N said...

Yes, that is my intention; to put the log in the toilet. :)

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