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Although I scheduled a time table for C to follow, I must say, we weren't very successful. In fact, we didn't like it at all because in the evenings, which by the way, only meant 2.5 hrs daily was a rush because we had to 
1) complete homework if there were any,
2) revise ting xie and spelling for school and her Chinese class,
3) revise music theory
4) practise her piano pieces

The hours would fly by and she would have to go to bed at 10pm. Many a times when Daddy had to work late, he really didn't appreciate returning home to see his Precious slogging herself over work and when she was done, had me shooed her off to bed hurriedly. He resented not being able to spend some time with her before the day was over.

We then told C that it would be excellent if she could do certain activities by herself in the mornings before she went to school. I started to prepare her ting xie and spelling list and left them out on her desk so that she could revise her work in the mornings. It worked for a while... and better when she was at the Student Care Centre. But when she stopped going to the Centre, so did the activities. Once, she even lied to us about practising her piano. Of course, she was found out and she decided that not being able to play on the iPad for a week was a befitting punishment for her crime. 

A week later, we could see the change in her behaviour and over the weeks, there was visible improvement. This morning I gave her a call and she promptly reported that she had practised her piano pieces. Then she asked me where were the revision for her ting xie and spelling exercises as she could not find them on her desk. I replied that I didn't prepare them as I had tested her last night and she already knew them. Then I assured her that we would revise again tonight. 

We like the new "C"; a lot more disciplined. Most importantly, her evenings are freed up quite a bit. She only needs to complete her homework and the rest of the evening, she will spend it either
1) watching a little television with her grandparents
2) catching up on her Little Ponies' videos on YouTube
3) playing a game or two with Daddy
4) reading with me
5) fooling around with both of us on the bed


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