Universal Studios... again.

It's the term break and what better way to spend it by paying a visit to Universal Studios? 

Daddy would love to join us but he couldn't take time off from work and so a phone call later, we had a date with Brion and Aunt Ven.

The children, before we entered the themed park.

First stop was the Madagascar rides. C had to go on the merry-go-round. Haha.

Aunt Ven with Brion.

Then it was off to Faraway Land where we took our roller coaster ride with the dragon. I am a little faint-hearted and roller coaster rides ain’t for me at all but we all went on the ride for the fun of it.

We stood at the side watching it for the longest time before deciding that we would go on it as we didn’t fancy getting wet. But in the end, still went on it. Hehe.

 The Land of the Mummies. We gave the high-speed roller coaster ride a miss as the children (and me) weren't game enough. 

Then we ventured into the Sci-fi section. This was the moment Brion had been waiting for... The two of them went on the crazy spinning ride twice before they decided they had enough. 

Ahh... the highlight for the day: Transformers!

The 3-D ride was awesome and we really felt as if we were in the battlefield with the meanies. How much did we enjoy it? Well, let's say we took the ride twice and we still asking for more. We agreed that the Daddies would love it too. *hint*

Walking down the streets of New York city and we chanced upon Oscar. :)

Bert, but where is Ernie? 

Just moments before the themed park closed, we caught sight of Frankenstein's Monster and couldn't resist the shot. Somehow, the kiddos knew how to play along with us. 

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Chew Family said...

Was it crowded?

Mummy N said...

Nope. Not crowded at all. :) we managed to take Some rides twice , without queuing

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