Grand mummy's recipe - muah chee

Every Sunday is spent at Grand Mummy's and this Sunday was too. I was marking my scripts and then asked if we could make some dessert. Aunt Jules came back with the necessary ingredients and we started.

 First the sesame seeds were pan fried and then added to the grounded peanuts powder. A little sugar was added for taste.

Then it was the cooking of the paste of the muah chee. Shallots were chopped up finely and then left in the pan to simmer. When it had turned a slight golden brown, the mixture of glutinous rice and water was poured in. (Grand Mummy doesn't really measure the amount; that's her style.) She goes by gut feeling. But she said the mixture must not be too thin or else the muah chee would not be nice.

Then we closed the lid and left it to cook. It was probably for 5 minutes before we checked on it again. Grand Mummy said for the muah chee to be chewy, we needed to beat it a little. In the past when Grand Mummy did it, she would give the mixture a good beating session with a pair of chop sticks.

Finally, the mixture was removed from the fire and put into an oiled container or bowl and then into the peanut powder to be cut up and mixed together and there!

Cooking this dessert in the HappyCall pan was definitely a lot easier than what Grand Mummy did in the past: steaming the paste. Every thing was kind of done in 15 minutes. :)

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