Those special people ...

Last day of term 3... Teachers' Day has always been traditionally celebrated on this day: 31 August. C got up early today as she needed to be in school by 7.20am. School will be dismissed by 11.30am today and she is excited about showing her appreciation to her teachers.

This year, she picked up these pretty swarovski crystals pen cum stylus. She reckoned that most teachers would have a tablet or an iPad and the stylus would come in handy. But really, the pens were too pretty to be ignored. 

One for each of her teachers, from her teachers in school to her enrichment classes. 

We hope her teachers like them. :)

And as C was writing her message to her teachers, I was suddenly reminded of my own teachers. It seemed like such a long time ago when I was in school and then strong emotions surged inside of me. One particular teacher, my form teacher from my secondary 4 class.... though we only spent a year together, I remember her because she went all out for us and she was there for me, several years ago, providing that listening ear and giving me precious and sound advice. 

"Thank you, Ms Wee!" and though I am no longer in your class, I will always be your student.

To all teachers out there...

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