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Written By Mummy N on 23 May 2012 | 10:42:00 am

I had this ominous feeling last Wednesday evening. Wasn't able to sleep too as I was waking up ever so often to check on Cheryl: either a touch on her forehead or to pull her blanket up to cover her. Thursday morning, Daddy text to say that C was running a fever but she had insisted that she would be fine after taking some medication.

At 4 that afternoon, I received a call from her and she was burning up. Hence I rushed down to pick her from school and we headed off to the doctor's immediately. It was a long wait. We started off by waiting indoors but the air conditioning proved too much for C whose fever did not subside at all. We eventually moved outdoor to wait for our turn.

A clinic assistant came out, not long after, armed with a thermometer. "39.5. You will go in next." She commanded. It wasn't our turn yet but I was thankful. Inside, C told the doc how she was feeling and he prescribed some medication for her cough and runny nose.

15 minutes later, we received the meds and went back home. C went to bed immediately after dinner and medication but 3 hours later, a check on the thermometer revealed this:

Our poor Precious... I gave her another round of meds and very thankfully her fever came down soon after. She was able to sleep better that night. Precious missed much of her weekend because her fever did not go away entirely. She was looking forward to the Cold Storage Kids' Run but had to stay in because the fever.

Just before Precious went to school on Monday, she called and said that she was running a temperature again so she stayed away from school yet another day. I took off at the earliest possible time and got back to take C to the doc again. 

He prescribed her an entire new batch of medication and gave her 2 days off from school.

Last evening, Precious complained of an upset tummy and she said she visited the loo many times in the day. I am going to monitor her further and see if she needs to visit the doc again today.  


Angeline said...

Drink more water. Try cooking Green Bean water for her. Cook until the beans almost split, stop the fire and give the water to her. Add no sugar. It helps cool temperature. :)

Mummy N said...

Dear Angeline

Thanks for the tip. :) She loves green beans.