Mother's Day 2012

I feel so blessed. 

Firstly, I thank God that Mummy is healthy and still with us, that we are able to spend every weekend together. I am thankful for my sisters who are mummies themselves and the devotion they have to their families and children. Then there is my dear husband and our Precious who really are the centre of my life, making motherhood come a complete cycle.

My surprise started on Friday when C came out from school with a cake. It was a conspiracy between father and daughter. Apparently the school had given the pupils an order form for cake for Mother's Day and they placed an order without letting me know. 

Then on Saturday, C showed me her art work which she had worked on for me. 

The teacher explained that she had done it with a classmate: a boy in class did the green painting with sponge while C did the purple and silver texture piece with a comb. They then cut up their pieces to share with each other. C did the rest. 

And finally, from Sunday School. 

Thank you, Precious. :)


Fatboy Joe said...

That is so sweet of Cheryl.

Mummy N said...

she is a sweetie like this. :)

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