Being parents of a primary 1 child, we are naturally anxious about everything concerning school. When the School informed us of a briefing some time in January, Daddy and I marked down our calendar to remind us that we had a session with C's teachers. The briefing was useful as it gave us more information on how lessons are conducted and what to expect in the coming months. We also learned how Math lessons were taught in school.

Break time just before part 2 of the session started:
Since the School was undergoing renovation, the make-shift canteen was in a container. Thankfully, the place was air conditioned and spacious. This was the first time I had a "tour" of the School as parents were not allowed in the School on the first day of school.

The lockers along the corridor where the children keep their stuff and then the classroom. I was surprised to see that the classroom was rather large but this was good news because this would mean that there was ample space in the classroom to conduct the different activities. 

Mrs Lim, C's teacher conducted the Math session on Heuristics. I found the lesson particularly useful because I learned how to solve problem sums using models and there were so many of them. On the whole, I had a fruitful experience and will look forward to attending more of such workshops.  


Fatboy Joe said...

I don't understand the way maths is taught using model method

So it is true that a primary school child is smarter than me!


Mummy N said...

I can't agree more. it is amazing how the complicated sums can be broken down into logical steps and how these kids can work out the sums without the use of algebra.

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