Thank God for Labels

The labels that I got for Precious were handy indeed. The name stickers went nicely on all her stationery and books. The iron-ons went on all her uniforms.

And then there were labels for her shoes.

I finally got down to stitching her name tags on all of her uniforms. Though they were iron-on, I felt that they wouldn't last on the uniforms and didn't want to risk them coming off after a few wash. Hence, I decided to stitch them on after pressing them.

It took my a while to finish the task as I didn't have a sewing machine and had to do it by hand. Come to think of it, It has been eons since I last picked up a needle and thread. I only managed 4 sets last and and finished the other 2 this evening. My fingers were sore and my back was killing me. Haha. But I was happy with my work. :)


Lionel n Rachel said...

u nid to put labels even for C's shoes??

Mummy N said...

yeah.. I mean, there will be special rooms, like dance studio or library or music room, in the school and I know for some schools, students need to remove shoes to go in.
so better tag her shoes.

Lionel n Rachel said...

a very good idea... tks for the tips :)

Mummy N said...

no prob. :)

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