HappyCall Pan Feast to end 2011

There was no fanciful dinners out, instead we decided to have a feast at home! A HappyCall Pan feast.

Grand Mummy, Aunt Di and Jules prepared the dishes and when it was near dinner time, we started our BBQ. The HappyCall Pan was our latest investment. So far the experience of using the pan has been wonderful. :)

The finger-licking food that we ate. Which was our favourite? Well, they were all good, and I don't know where to start. Haha! There was the beer marinated chicken wings: juicy to the max and then of course, our mushroom, french beans with carrot bacon wraps and the kway tiao which was done to perfection! I guess the company made it even more precious. :)

Everything was cooked in our pans. :)

We also celebrated Uncle Fong's birthday. 

So this would be my last post for 2011... 
"Happy New Year, everyone and let 2012 be better than 2011!"


Lionel n Rachel said...

Happy 2012. Blessed tidings for the new year. :)

Mummy N said...

Thank you, my friend. :)

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