reversal of roles...

You know how parents would call up to check on their children; whether they had eaten, had taken their naps, had completed their homework? Well, I am not such a parent and I hardly call C up during the day when I am at work. However, it is Cheryl who does the checking up.

I am not complaining because when it was term time, she would often ring me to remind me that she had a class at 6.45pm and that it was 6 in the evening and I was not home yet. Now that she is on holiday, she would call me endlessly to ask when I would be back.

Today, I had to return to work as there was a meeting I had to attend and she called me at 9 in the morning to ask me to come home quick. I had to tell her that the meeting was important to which she retorted, "Can you tell your boss that your daughter is more important?" She makes sense, doesn't she?

I foresee her writing letters to my bosses in the future... .
Content of letter:

"Please excuse my mummy from work today as she has to spend time with me."



Fatboy Joe said...

And she might want to start thinking of a name for the future legal company that she is gonna open!

Mummy N said...


Ashley said...

clever lil Cheryl! =)

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