a cuppa everyday!

I have a confession...

For several days now, my colleague and good friend, Just and I have been making daily trips to the Principal's Office.Nope, we aren't in trouble with the Boss, we just love her coffee. Hehehe.

You see, she has this absolutely wonderful machine in her Office and for teachers who do not lunch outdoors on working days, this is heavenly really.

Choices, choices! So many flavours to choose from. 

Nice and it makes our day. :)

I have been discussing with Daddy to get ourselves one of this too but we haven't been able to come to a decision.

We could get this one here:

Or this, which I really like. 

Or this, which reminds me of a penguin.

Aunt Di and Uncle Ben has this one here and they love it to bites. Hmmm.....


Chew Family said...

Everyone around me seems to be getting one. Hahaa. Your boss' coffeemaker has super nice mocha which I like. Think I am a little tempted to get one for myself too, a bd present for myself perhaps? =p

Mummy N said...

I agree!

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