The Great Outdoors 2011

One of the activities C looks forward to during the school holidays is definitely the holiday programme organised by Josiah. She has attended several and each time, she declared that she had a great time for the week-long programme.

This June, the theme for the programme was "The Great Outdoors" and when the notice was out for registration, C asked if she could have her friends join her. Hence I prompted asked our group of friends and Aunt Ven, together with Aunt Xin, signed Brion and Jing Heng up.

This programme, like previous ones, incorporated lots of hands-on sessions for craft and cookery. And since it was about the outdoors, the children made a trip to East Coast Park to experience camping outdoors too.

The children getting ready for some games.

Cheryl commented that she had lots of fun there playing team games. 

The tent was really the highlight for her because she had always wanted to go camping at the beach. I noticed that she had brought along the craft she made. :)

The other 4 days were spent fruitfully at Josiah where the children sang camp songs and played more games.

I always looked forward to the food that C brought back... 
Bread pudding which Daddy had for breakfast the next day. 

Crispy treats that Daddy and C enjoyed just before bed time and we all had a taste of the fried rice that C prepared. Daddy and I were impressed with her culinary skills. 

Nestum Chicken Burger. It appeared that the children made the patty with her friends.

And of course, the craft!
The compass watch that C was going on and on about. She exclaimed that she would never get lost now that she has this.

A pair of binoculars.

She also made a frisbee out from a milk bottle.

She even sewed her own bag for camping kit. The rough appearance and edges of the bag was perfect as it complimented the ragged nature of outdoor camping.

C also dyed and made her own bandana.

And finally, a camp fire. It was a day programme and experiencing a real camp fire was not possible yet her teachers came up with this brilliant idea which allowed the children to have a feel. This was definitely my favourite. I realised later that the children had picked up the twigs while they were out at ECP and these twigs were used as camp fire wood in this piece of craft work.

C had an eventful 5 days and Daddy and I were proud of her.


Ashley said...

So eventful n awesome programs that expose the kids so much! Cheryl is really 1 lovely, sensible n smart child, thumbs up Cheryl!

Mummy N said...

Thank you, Dear. :)

Our little girls have grown. :( will be going to primary school in 6 months.

I also love to see Ashley's drawing. She can draw very well indeed.

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