Sensational Six!

Today, 6 years ago, C breathed her first and her birth marked the beginning of our lives as a family. 

She told me that she wanted a cake for her friends at Sunday School too so a week ago, I scouted around the neighbourhood near our Church for a cake.
A lovely "Hello Kitty" theme cake for her friends and teachers.

Then in the afternoon, we checked into the chalet where her birthday bash would be held. And at 4 pm, our guests started streaming in for a lazy afternoon swim. :)

 This is a very nice shot of Uncle Ben, Aunt Di and Baby Asher.

While the Daddies were in the pool with the children, Mummies posed for some shots of our own.

It wasn't long before Izzy arrived and she started setting up the place for the craft that we had in mind...

The children did batik painting! :)

Besides, batik painting, the children also had face painting and balloons from a balloon sculptor.

Uncle Desmond also displayed his artistic skills. :)

These are Cheryl's classmates from Josiah and Cheryl was very happy to see that they could join her at her party.

The masterpieces! They were so beautifully painted, it was quite unbelievable that young children did them.

Buffet for our guests.

We have to apologise... the food wasn't fantastic. But they were really sweet because they ate all of it.

More pictures of the Pretty Mummies.

After dinner, it was time to reveal the cake.
This year, C requested for a Tinkle belle theme and there ... .

 Precious with her lovely cake, which she was extremely pleased with.


Baby Brycen and Asher joined in the fun too! :)

And we all wished Precious a Happy 6th Birthday!

It was only much later, around 9 pm when the party was long over that Precious suddenly remembered that she hadn't eaten her dinner and she was famished. Well, Daddy and I figured that the party must have been a success for her to completely forget to eat. Hahaha! (Okay, we are sorry)

Back home and after a quick shower, it was time for Precious to open her gifts.
 A rooster pendant from Aunt Di, Aunt Margaret and Aunt Juliana

Grand Mummy would be guilty of this one here.

Precious picked this out herself and this was our gift for her this year.

 "Thank you Aunt Karen and family."

"Thank you, Zinnia, Yeva, Xandra and Jordon."

"Thank you, Uncle Kam Meng, Aunt Esther and Jun Zhi."

 "Thank you, Uncle Eugene, Aunt Chloe, Joshua and Janelle."

 "Thank you, Aunt Juliana."

 "Thank you, Zinnia's Grand Mummy."

"Thank you, Aunt Sandra."

"Thank you, Grand Aunt Monique and Grand Uncle Joe."

 "Lovely card from Regina! Thank you!"

"Thank you Aunt Joan and Aunt Angie for these gifts!"

"Thank you Aunt Maggie!"

C wasn't sure who got her these but she was very happy nevertheless and still wanted to say "Thank you for coming and thank you for the presents."

 "Thank you, Jordon."

"Thank you, Uncle Gary and Adrina."

 "Thank you, Aunt Maureen, Victoria, Allegra and Uncle Desmond."

 "Thank you Aunt Xin Xin and family."

 "Thank you for the ang baos and gift vouchers too!"

 "Thank you, Aunt Jenny and family. I started reading them just before bed time."

"Thank you, Renee."

It was close to 11pm when all the presents were unwrapped even then, Precious wasn't quite ready to retire for the night though Daddy and I were rather beat ourselves. We were glad that everything went well for the party, and thanked God for the fine weather. 

Last of all, we would like to thank our friends and family members for making this day so special for Cheryl. The craft session would not have materialised had the Aunts and Uncles not brought along their desks and chairs so we were truly grateful and we hoped you had a good time. 


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